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Zoom Q4

Basics of the Zoom Q4 Camera

  1. You must hold down the power button to turn the Zoom Q4 on or off.
  2. Be sure to check the battery level before recording. Use the included USB cord to charge the camera. You can charge the camera using the USB cable and outlet charger, or by plugging the camera into a computer with the USB cable.
  3. Be sure to check the storage before recording. You may need to format the card to free up more storage space. (See page 12 in the Zoom Q4 Manual for instructions)
  4. If you are using the built-in microphones, remember to rotate them into position as seen in Figure 1.
  5. Remember to transfer your footage off the camera once you’re done. Instructions for transferring footage are listed below, as well as on Page 22 of the Zoom Q4 Manual.
Figure 1. NOTE: While we try to erase all cameras when they are returned, sometimes footage gets missed. If you have sensitive material on the camera, it is your responsibility to erase it before returning it (see step 3 above).

Transfer Footage from Camera

On the main screen, select the gear icon to enter the menu

1 indicates the Menu button

Select USB

Select Card Reader

2 indicates the arrow buttons to move between selections. 3 indicates the enter selection button.

Select Mac/PC

Your computer should now be able to detect the Zoom Q4 camera and its file content. Copy the video files to your computer.

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