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Transferring Footage from Cameras

You can transfer footage from an SD card by inserting it into a card slot on a computer, or by using a USB card reader. The iMacs in the editing lab have built-in card reader slots. If you are using your personal computer and do not have a card slot, you can check out a USB card reader from the equipment checkout.

Folder Hierarchy

Before you import, use the folder hierarchy displayed below! This ensures that your project files are well organized so that both you and Premiere can find them. Make sure to save your project on your personal computer, on the Media Server, or on an external hard drive.


Cameras that use the AVCHD file format (like the Canon XA10) require more work to transfer video footage to a computer. Follow these steps to get your footage in a workable format.

For Mac Users

Option 1: If you are only importing one or two clips

  1. Once the SD card shows up on the Desktop, double click to open it.
  2. Double click the file marked AVCHD. This will open a list of thumbnails.
  3. You can double click the thumbnails to open them in QuickTime, or simply look at the list to see which ones you need to import.
  4. Open the clips in QuickTime using the method in Step 5, and then File -> Save them to wherever you want to store them.

Option 2: If you are importing more than one or two clips

  1. Follow steps 1 – 3 from Option 1
  2. Write down the numbers of the clips you want.
  3. Close the clip viewer.
  4. Right click the file marked AVCHD.
  5. Click Show Package Contents.
  6. Right click the file marked BDMV.
  7. Click Show Package Contents.
  8. Open the folder marked STREAM
  9. Drag the clips you wrote down to where you want to store them.

For PC Users

  1. Once the SD card shows up on the desktop, double click to open it.
  2. Open the file marked PRIVATE.
  3. Open the folder marked AVCHD (Do NOT copy this file off of the card unless you want to copy all of the footage captured on the camera)
  4. Open the folder marked BDMV.
  5. Open the folder marked STREAM
  6. View your clips by double clicking on them to see which ones you want.
  7. Write down the clips you want to save.
  8. Drag the clips to where you want to store them.

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