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Media Production Studio (Wilson 235)

For safety, no more than three people may be present in the studio at a time.

IMPORTANT – If you have not already, please fill out the following form to request access to the room and reservation system calendar. 

Making a Reservation

Log into https://ldtreservations.as.virginia.edu with your NetBadge ID and password to generate an account in the Connect2 system. You will be granted access to the Media Production Studio – Card Users calendar in Connect2 after completing the Media Studies Equipment Stewardship Code and Contract mentioned above. When you are ready to make a reservation, go to Book by Category and select Rooms. Make sure to choose Media Production Studio – Card Users, and not the regular Media Production Studio calendar. More in-depth instructions on making reservations can be found here. We strongly encourage you to book more time than you think you will need to avoid needing to make an additional reservation to complete your recording. 

When Using the Studio

Instructions for Using Studio Equipment

Social Distancing and Masks

All users of the Media Studio must abide by social distancing requirements by standing 6 feet apart from one another whenever possible. Users must also wear masks when in the Media Studio. Avoid touching your face and other people.


Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after using the studio. Hand sanitizer is available just outside the room near the elevator. Clorox wipes and alcohol wipes are available inside the room. The Clorox wipes can be used for table surfaces, chairs, door handles, or keyboards. Do not use them on equipment (cameras, microphones, lights, iPads) surfaces. 

Equipment should be wiped down with alcohol wipes only. You do not need to dry off equipment; let them air dry. The following diagrams show the main areas on cameras we recommend wiping down:

XA10 video camera with the audio panel, audio handle, focus ring, LCD screen, power buttons, and zoom buttons highlighted to indicate commonly touched areas that should be cleaned.
Side panel of the Canon XA10 panel, which highlights the entire area to indicate that it should be sanitized after using.

Microphones and Headphones

Handheld and lapel microphones have disposable covers that should be used throughout your recording. Place new covers on all the microphones you use during your recording and throw them away when you are finished. If two people are taking turns using a microphone, change the cover between users. The headphones for the cameras also have disposable covers that should be used during your recording and disposed of when you are done. Headphone covers should also be replaced between users. 

SD Cards

You are free to bring your own SD cards to use with our video cameras, but each studio camera has an SD card available for you to use to record your footage. If you would like to use ours, we recommend bringing a laptop with you to your reservation so that you may transfer the footage to it. If you do not have a card slot on your laptop, we have a USB card reader (and an Apple computer adapter) present in the room for you to use. If you plan on using our SD cards and also will not be able to bring a laptop to transfer your footage, you may use the editing lab in Wilson 207 to import your footage.

When Leaving the Studio

Upon leaving the Media Studio, make sure to dispose of any sanitary disposable covers you have used. Wipe down any surfaces you have touched with Clorox or alcohol wipes and make sure to use hand sanitizer and/or wash your hands. Turn off all studio lights, including the overhead lights and the exterior Recording light. Remember to take all of your belongings with you, and to transfer your footage prior to leaving when using the studio SD cards. 

Technical Issues

If you find that any equipment is missing, damaged, or non-functional during your reservation, please fill out the following form so that we may address the issue ASAP. You may also contact Jessica Weaver-Kenney directly by email, phone, or Zoom if it is something that requires immediate assistance.

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