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PromptSmart Pro

Use this software if you would like to advance your script using voice recognition. As you speak, the script will follow along with your voice. You must be speaking English to use the voice recognition feature. PromptSmart can also be used with a Bluetooth keyboard.

Step 1: Open the PromptSmart Pro application.

PromptSmart Pro logo

Step 2: Tap the plus symbol to add or create a script.

Image of PromptSmart showing location of imported or created scripts. A plus symbol in the left-hand corner of the screen is circled in red.

Step 3: To import a premade script tap “Import Script”. To create a new script in PromptSmart tap “New Script”.

Screenshot of import script and new script options.

Step 4: To import a script, select the application where your file is stored. You will be prompted to log into your account. Make sure your script is either a .txt, .docx, .rft, GDOC (Google Drive), or .pdf file.

Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive iPad apps displayed.

Step 5: Once your script is imported, you will see this screen. Tap “Settings” to change things like font, background, and scrolling. When you’re ready to start, tap the “play” button.

Screenshot of PromptSmart iPad app with a sample script displayed and the controls for edit, delete, play, settings and upload all circled in red.

Step 6: Tap the Play/Stop button to start. Tap it again to stop. You can only tap the settings or exit buttons when the script is in “stop” mode.

Screenshot of PromptSmart app interface including exit, record, play/stop, settings, and beginning of script controls.
Indicator & Guide

The guide is the blue bar that highlights the section you’re reading. It can highlight a line or several lines if you prefer.

Screenshot of script in PromptSmart with the blue guide bar turned on.
Both the guide and the indicator can be turned off in settings.

The indicator is the small arrow that points to the line you are on.

Screenshot of script in PromptSmart app with the indicator arrow circled in red.

For more PrompterSmart tips and guides, check the Help section by tapping “More” → “Help Center”.

Screenshot of More options panel with Help Center circled in red.


Teleprompter is a good app to use if you have someone available to control the scrolling of the script for you. You will need to use 2 iPads for this — one for the talent to read from, and the other for the teleprompter operator to view the script and control its scrolling speed. If you want to use Teleprompter without someone to control it for you, it is also compatible with a Bluetooth keyboard. You can also simply set a scrolling speed using the controls as displayed below. If you choose this option, you should make lots of blank space at the start of your script so you can start scrolling and get in front of the camera.

Interface of Teleprompter app script controls including settings, reverse scroll direction, advance script, jump to beginning/end, and scrolling speed.
Importing a script from your email

Step 1: Tap the mail app

Apple email logo

Step 2: Choose one of these mail apps and log into your account (DO NOT select iCloud)

Step 3: Tap the attachment (your script) to download it. Your script file must be either a Word document or a PDF.

Word document icon with text "Tap to Download"

Step 4: Tap and hold the attachment once it has finished downloading

Word document icon with text "Test Script.docx"

Step 5: Tap “Copy to Teleprompter”

Teleprompter icon with text that reads "Copy to Teleprompter"
Importing a script from Google Drive Google Doc

Step 1: Sign into Google Drive

Google Drive logo

Step 2: Tap the three little dots on the right-hand side of your Google Doc script

Screenshot of Google Doc script file with three circles in the right-hand corner circled in red.

Step 3: Tap “Open in”

List of options with the option "Open in" circled in red

Step 4: Tap “Copy to Teleprompter”

Teleprompter icon with text that reads "Copy to Teleprompter"

Step 5: Tap “Use plain text”

Screenshot of PDF Document prompt with Use Plain Text circled in red.
Advancing Your Script Using Bluetooth Keyboard

Step 1: Press the on/off button on the side of the Bluetooth keyboard to turn it on

Step 2: Open the Teleprompter app

Teleprompter icon

Step 3: Tap the blue Wifi symbol in the upper right-hand corner

Wifi icon

Step 4: Choose Keyboard

Step 5: Open your script

Step 6: Press the spacebar on the keyboard to start and stop scrolling

Advancing Your Script Using 2 iPads

Step 1: Turn on both iPads

Step 2: Open the Teleprompter app on both iPads

Teleprompter icon

Step 3: On iPad 0839, tap the blue WiFi symbol in the upper right-hand corner

Wifi icon

Choose Device to Device

Screenshot of control options panel with Device to Device circled in red.

Step 4: Tap 0830

Screenshot of Live Preview window with 0830 displayed in blue.

Step 5: Open your script on iPad 0830

Step 6: You should now see a window containing your script and the scrolling controls on iPad 0839

Screenshot of Live Preview window with script text and script controls.

For more Teleprompter tips and guides, tap the “Help” section within the application.

Help button

Teleprompter Mounts

There are two different iPad teleprompter mounts that are mounted to the pedestal/dolly systems. These instructions explain how to use each one.

Telmax Teleprompter

Step 1: Loosen this knob on the bottom of the iPad mount to adjust its position on the slider. When you have it where you want it, remember to tighten it.

Step 2: Loosen the knobs on the underside of the iPad mount’s arms to adjust the rotation of the brackets.

Step 3:

Place the iPad on the mount in between the two arms. Ensure that the script is displaying upside down.

Step 4: Rotate the brackets until they are aligned with the 2 corners of the iPad. Tighten them to keep the iPad in place.

Glide Gear Teleprompter

Place top and bottom of iPad in top and bottom sliding holders and tighten in place using the knobs underneath the front bracket.

Downloadable hardware instructions

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