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Equipment Checkout (Wilson 207)

The equipment checkout is staffed Monday-Friday from 10AM – 4PM unless otherwise noted.

Reserving Equipment or Rooms

Go to ldtreservations.as.virginia.edu and click “Sign in to your account”.

Click “Sign in with your Netbadge ID”

In the top menu bar, click “Book by Category” and choose either “Rooms” or “Equipment”

You can search for what you want to book by using one of the search bars. You can search for rooms by availability, site, or by typing in the name.

You can search for equipment by availability, site, category, or by typing in the name.

When booking a room, click “create booking” next to the room listing.

When booking equipment, click “add to basket” next to the item listing.

Click “Basket” to remove or change the quantity of equipment. Click “Update” to save any changes and “Create Booking” when you’re done.

Select the start date, start time, end date, and end time of your reservation, and click “Update”. Click “Next” when you are ready to book.

Gray time slots are unavailable times, and red time slots are conflicting reservations.

If you select an unavailable or conflicting time, the system will suggest different ones for you to choose.

If you’re booking a room, you will be asked to select the Booking Type and to enter the title of the course your reservation is for. You can enter a second contact email if you have multiple people in your group, or if you have an alternate email you want to use to be notified of your reservation.

Next you will be shown a list of rules you must agree to abide by in order to complete the reservation. Mark the box and then click “Next”.

Rules for equipment reservations

Last, you will be asked to verify all of your booking details. Click “Submit” to finalize your reservation. You will receive an email confirmation with a summary of your reservation details, as well as reminders when your reservation will start and end.

Equipment booking verification page

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your equipment reservation, the system will automatically cancel your reservation. If you know that you are running late, please email Jessica or respond to your reservation reminder email (ldtreservations@virginia.edu) ASAP!

Take this brief quiz to test your knowledge!

Changing Your Reservation Time

Step 1: Click on the link in your reservation confirmation email.

Step 2: Click “Edit Booking”

Step 3: Change the date and/or time of your reservation

Step 4: Click “Update” to reflect the changes

Step 5: Verify your booking details and click “Submit” to finalize your changes

Adding Items to Your Reservation

NOTE: You cannot add items to a reservation that you have already checked out
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