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Media Server

Connect to the Media Server in the Media or Audio Studio

In the Media Studio Editing Lab (207), or the Audio Studio (236) just click the globe icon shortcut on the bottom right corner of the dock and sign in with your Eservices username and password.

Connect Using a Mac (on Grounds)

To map the drive on a Mac, in Finder go to Go → Connect to server. Enter in smb://home1.storage.virginia.edu/wilsonmediastudio and hit the plus (+) to save the address in the favorites. Then click Connect and sign in with your Eservices username and password.

The server will show up in any new Finder window in the left menu (Documents, Downloads, Music, etc.) at the very bottom under the category “Shared”.

Connect Using a PC (on Grounds)

On Windows, click the Start Menu → Computer → Map Network Drive, choose a letter and enter \\home1.storage.virginia.edu\wilsonmediastudio. Select Connect using different credentials, click Finish, and sign in with your Eservices username and password, with the username in the form “eservices\MST3K”.

The server will show up on your computer as the drive letter you chose (e.g. J: drive).

Connect from Off-Grounds

To access the drive off-grounds, they will need to install the VPN and connect to UVA Anywhere.

If you have trouble installing the VPN, call the ITS Help Desk at 924-HELP (924-4357). Once you have installed the VPN, follow the directions as if you were on Grounds.

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