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Equipment Checkout

Mic stands, XLR cables, and DSLR kits, tripods, and more are available to be picked up from the production studio (Wilson 235) as needed. When picking up these items, use this Google spreadsheet (select the first tab). Fill out a row with your name, ID, class, equipment you’re checking out, and checkout date. If you need more than one of an item, you can fill out another row. All items with the exception of standalone light stands are listed by the number on their tag. Make sure to check the tag to get the correct item number. You can choose the date by double-clicking the cell for Check-out date or Check-in date. When you return your items, fill in the check-in date on your row(s). If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Weaver-Kenney.

If you require another type of equipment that is not readily available, you will need to arrange this ahead of time through Jessica. Refer to this section for information on sanitizing equipment. 

Reporting Missing/Damaged Equipment

Prior to receiving your equipment or access to these spaces, you will sign the Media Studies Equipment Stewardship Code and Contract. This contract makes you responsible for any damaged or lost equipment while it is in your possession. By signing the contract you understand that the misuse of these resources will result in the loss of your access to them. If you notice anything missing or broken in Media Studio, you must report it using this form, or by contacting Jessica.

Failure to report missing or damaged equipment may result in your being held responsible if you were the last person to use it. It is your responsibility to report any equipment issues ASAP so that they can be addressed and resolved to ensure that all students have equal access to these resources. 

Equipment Guides

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