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Sony PXW-X70 & Sony HXR-NX80

These camera models operate very similarly. Much of the instructional content may apply to both.


Sony PXW-X70 Manual

The following video the basics to operating the Sony PXW-X70 video camera.

A more in-depth video on how to use the Sony X70

UC Berkeley Multimedia Journalism Guide to Using the Sony PXW-X70


Sony HXR-NX80 Manual

This video goes over the basics for recording with the NX80.

This video goes over recording audio with the NX80.

Transferring footage/images to your computer: (for both cameras)

For AVCHD recording format

For 4K:

  • Insert SD card into computer or use a USB card reader
  • SD card will appear on desktop
  • Double click SD card to reveal contents
  • Open folder titled PrivateM4ROOT CLIP
  • Copy whichever files you need by selecting one or more and dragging them to your computer or external hard drive
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