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Canon Rebel T6i & T7i

Canon Rebel T6i

As a note, the T6i and T7i are very similar. Many of these articles will work for both cameras.

Overall tutorial on T6i functions

Canon Rebel T7i

Explanation of new user interface and how to change it back to the old interface (used on the T6i)
More in-depth explanation of white balance settings on EOS cameras

Adjusting Audio on a Canon DSLR

Importing Footage/Images

  • Insert SD card into computer or use a USB card reader
  • SD card will appear on desktop (if it was formatted to the camera, it should be named CANON or something similar)
  • Double click SD card to reveal contents
  • Open DCIM folder to view/preview files
  • Copy whichever files you need by selecting one or more and dragging them to your computer or external hard drive

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