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Media Editing Lab (Wilson 207)

When Using the Lab

The Editing Lab is restricted to no more than 3 users at a time. Students must not sit directly next to one another and must be seated at least 2 seats apart. Alcohol wipes are available in the room to wipe down your editing space and hand sanitizer is available in the hallway outside of the room (near the exit). You must wipe down your keyboard and mouse and either wash your hands or use hand sanitizer prior to and after utilizing a computer station. There are headphone covers located at the front of the room near the door. Please place a new set of covers on any pair of headphones you use. Dispose of the covers once you are finished with the headphones. Do not share headphones and replace covers between users. Wipe down the headband of the headphones with alcohol wipes when you’re finished using them. Students in the editing lab must wear face masks at all times, even if they are alone in the room. 

The editing lab is to be used by students actively using the lab computers, and not for students utilizing their own personal laptops. 


Use this Google Sheet (the second tab named Editing Lab Reservations) to schedule a seat in the editing lab. Fill out a row with your name, ID, class, reservation date, start time, and end time. There is not a restriction on how long you can schedule a seat (this may be subject to change if any issues arise) and seats are first come, first serve. It is highly recommended that you schedule editing time ASAP to ensure that you are able to secure a seat. If you finish editing prior to the time you indicated on the sheet, please update your entry to reflect this so that other users may use the space. Note that if there are three people listed during the same time period, the room is at maximum capacity.

Accessing the Media Server

You can save your projects on the Wilson Media Server. Follow these instructions to do so. Make sure to put all your files in a folder with your name, and follow this folder hierarchy guide to organize your files.

When Leaving the Lab

Remember to log out of your computer when you are done using it. Failure to log out will require the next user to manually shut down the computer before they can log in. Ensure that you take all of your belongings with you, including SD cards (check the back of the computer), chargers, cameras, or other equipment. Throw away any trash that you create. 

The last thing you should before you leave the lab is to wipe down your keyboard and mouse (and any other areas of the station you may have touched) and disinfect your hands with hand sanitizer upon leaving the room.

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