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Getting Started

Step 1: Log into the computer

Username: LDT-IMS
Password: LDTVR4u&me

Step 2: Launch Steam

Username: ldtvirtualreality
Password: LDTVR4u&me

Step 3: Run Steam VR

From inside Steam, click on the Steam VR icon

This icon is at the top-right side of the screen

Step 4: Get the controllers from the cabinet and turn them on

If you don’t know the combination please email JasonBennett@virginia.edu

Press the Power/System button (#3 below) on the Vive Controllers

The Power/System button is #3 in this image

Step 5: Wait for everything to turn on

After a minute or so the infrared cameras will turn on and start tracking everything. You should see a window that looks like this when everything is working:

The left icon is the headset, the middle two are the controllers, the right two are the “lightstations” or infrared cameras that are in the corners of the room

Step 6: Put on the headset


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