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Chinese 1010 VR Instructions

Step 1: Basic VR Setup

Follow the guide for introducing students to the VR headset and environment, emphasizing safety.

Getting started guide

Step 2: Instruct Students in Teleporting / Grabbing

Button #2 (in diagram below) allows the students to teleport around the space by pointing at the ground.

Button #7 (the trigger in diagram below) allows students to pick up objects. NOTE: students often don’t realize they need to bend over to pick up objects

Step 3: Run the Software

The two VR simulations are in the “Chinese Class VR” folder on the Desktop. The faculty / students will request either Dorm Room or Looking for Peking Duck Restaurant. Double click the icon in the folder to run the program.

NOTE: if you need to reset the software to the original state, press “R” on the keyboard

Step 4: Remember to plug the controllers back into the computer to charge!

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