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The ibtiKart Language Instructional Resources Cart

What is the ibtiKart?

The ibtiKart is a resource for language instruction. The cart contains supplies for common language learning games and activities, as well as art supplies, maps, mini white boards, and more.

Accessing the ibtiKart

  • The ibtiKart currently lives in The Language Commons Alcove in New Cabell Hall 298. 
  • UVA world language instructors are welcome to take supplies from the cart 9-5 Monday-Friday. Please sign in so we can track use of the Kart and keep track of supplies.
  • Bags and bins are available for help transporting a small number of supplies to your room. Contact Hope Fitzgerald if you’d like to talk about taking the cart to your classroom.

ibtiKart Etiquette:

  • Take what you need, and return what you don’t.
  • Scraps that can be reused should be returned to the cart.
  • Supplies are meant to be used during class, and returned to the cart. It’s ok to take your creations home with you if they can’t be dismantled or re-purposed by another user.
  • The ibtiKart is a shared resource for all UVA language programs; please consider the next Kart user.

ibtiKart Contents

Have a look at the list of ibtiKart contents. Donations of books, magazines, art supplies, etc are always welcome! Donations can be placed on the cart or dropped off at The Language Commons Alcove, NCH 298. You can suggest additions to the cart by sending them to

ibtiKart Use Ideas

Wondering how to get started? Click here for a list of suggested ibtiKart activities.

Language Commons Solstice Pods

  • Troubleshooting connection problems:
    • Restart the pod (unplug and plug in to re-power)
  • Don’t forget to disconnect!

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