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Maker Studio 2020 – 2021 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

NOTE: The Maker Studio will be a “Use at Your Own Risk” space. We will be providing safety orientations, cleaning supplies, and restricted access, but we will NOT be providing cleaning services. We strongly encourage you to only use the space if you have no other options.


  • The Maker Studio will be operating on a “special access” basis for Fall 2020.
  • Even if you already have access, you will need to re-apply.
  • Faculty and graduate students are able to apply on their own. Undergraduates will need a faculty co-signer to verify that they are using the space for an academic project.

Usage Restrictions

  • At most three (3) people will be allowed in the studio at one time, working at their own stations, cattycorner from each other.
  • We strongly suggest that only one person be in the studio if the fume extractors are running due to the potential for airflow to aerosolize saliva and spread it around the room.
  • Please do not let people into the studio who do not have a reservation. Information will be posted on the door regarding how to get access—if somebody cannot card swipe into the room, they need to contact Jason Bennett (jasonbennett@virginia.edu) to learn how to get access.

Cleaning Supplies and PPE

  • Due to lack of available staffing and time, we will not be cleaning the space between uses.
  • We will provide hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and disinfecting spray for each workstation. We ask that each user clean their workstation to their standard prior to using it.
  • We will not be providing PPE such as safety glasses nor face masks. Users will need to bring their own. If you need to borrow PPE long-term, please let us know.

Tool Check Out and 3D Printing / Cutting Services

  • As an alternative for students who do not wish to come to the studio, we will be doing a limited tool check out, whereby qualified students can reserve soldering irons, power tools, and some hand tools for use outside the studio.
  • For students who only need / want to print objects or make cuts in the CNC, we will be providing 3D printing and CNC Cutting as a Service.
  • Printed / Cut objects will be available outside the studio on weekly “pick up” days as they become available.
  • There is no guaranteed turn-around time on these services; users will receive notification when their prints / cuts are available for pickup.
  • These projects will be decided on a case-by-case basis, and do not require affiliation with a class.

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